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[Guide Yasuo Mid - Season 5] How to Play - How to map the location Yasuo killer line between physics in season 5


Since its launch until being put into play in the professional league, Yasuo was partly reflected the strength of his position between the lines: the dynamic and extremely uncomfortable when traveling , greater damage when fully equipped for fighting ... Yasuo proved suitable for fighting style "quick kill, crushes" and is extremely suitable for combination with many different generals. Let Guidegame learn gameplay and tactics used so effectively Yasuo offline
Yasuo - Ke No Tolerance
Yasuo - Ke No Tolerance


Speaking of sweet crab knife ear yasuo guestDirector Of Romantic Hotels (Intrinsic):
The rate of fatal Yasuo be doubled. Also, Yasuo will gradually build up a shield when he moved.Shields will automatically activate when he shall have general or damage from monsters.
Q ki steel capsules yasuoSteel Storm (Q):
Attrition: No energy
Distance: 475
- Crashing to cause 20/40/60/80/100 (+ 100% AD) physical damage.
- When you hit the target, creating a storm Search stacks storm in 10 seconds. When there are two points, Storm Make a tornado shot sung not.
Hurricanes Earn often counted as a strike: It might fatal, causing the effects attacks, and recovery time as well as launching attacks can be reduced by attack speed.
If the idea while surfing, Storm Sword will attack in a circle.
W ki integrated gio yasuoWind wall (W):
Attrition: No energy
Distance: 400
Activation: Creates a wall blocking the flow of enemy ballistic 4 seconds.
E ki follicle scan yasuoSearch Scan (E):
Attrition: No energy
Distance: 475
- Browse through an enemy, causing 70/90/110/130/150 (+ 60% spell power) magic damage.Each time you use the skill increases damage of the next turn by 25%, up to a maximum of100%.
- Unable to back up the notion 10/9/8/7/6 enemies in seconds.
If the idea while surfing, Storm Sword will attack in a circle.
R ulti skill stared yasuoFarewell (R):
Attrition: No energy
Distance: 1500
- Surf to an enemy hero is being sung No, cause 200/300/400   (+ 150% plus AD) physical damage and keep all the enemies in the area were sung not affect the air by 1 second. Restore all points accumulated by storm.
- In 15 seconds, Yasuo receive 50% more armor - armor effect on the impact of additional equipment, charms, pearls and auxiliary table.


1. Jade Additional Support for Yasuo:

Steel Storm (Q) is the ability to cause major damage Yasuo stage road and entered the fighting. However, unlike the other generals, Steel Storm (Q) is calculated as an attack often and so if Yasuo increased attack speed, Steel Storm (Q) will reduce the cooldown, making casts Yasuo skills are more persistent.
Ministry of Yasuo gem when playing on the road between Guidegame recommend that you use the following:
ngoc wine giap(9)Jade gold armor for the most popular minister Yasuo well.
Emerald magic resistance(9)Minimize damage spells have received.
ngoc by - Damage(1)Attack Speed ​​- essential to launching the Hurricanes Earn more clicks.
ngoc attack speed by(8)
Amethyst - armor(2)Adding physical damage and the ability to suck blood for Yasuo.
Amethyst - armor(1)

Table 2. Additional Support for Yasuo:

Yasuo can use supplementary table 21-9 -0 for general physical damage as usual:

Table 3. Skills - How to Increase Skills Yasuo:

Priority order to increase skill Hurricane Search for Yasuo Max (Q) first and then to scan (E) and Wall Wind (W)end. Ulti stared skills (R) increased in accordance with the level

4. An Additional Authorization:

There are not too many serious questions when the rate is variable and Incineration 2 allows additional "immutable" for Yasuo
flash dau-curve incineration ash disallowed bo lol

5. Top Toys For Yasuo killer location in physics midline:

a. Initial equipment:
Initial equipment should be Yasuo Search for Doran + Rating blood helps Yasuo damaging effects and the relative amount of recovery.
However, if you encounter the enemy "Struggle" so it can be replaced by Shields Doran Doran Search helps increase the resistance to the swordsman fragile.
Yasuo equipped with accessories for the eyes should still help control totem better visibility in sensitive situations.
kiem Doran-TBLMHT or khien Doran-TBLMHT dau-curve War mau-TBLMHT dau-curve 
b. Equip town Yasuo sent to:
Here is the equipment needed for Yasuo town schools:
 Electric Knives town Stattik dish sect "must have" with a killer on the road between Yasuo when it combines very well with Steel Storm (Q) and Scan Search (E) for the area blows Yasuo more power to cause magic damage.

Sword of King Anonymous: In addition to the increased ability to suck blood, attack speed and physical damage, the trigger also help slow the enemy Yasuo easy prey approach and a higher winning percentage cyclone.
Infinity Sword: Merely is increased physical damage and increased more than the fatal damage to a critical ratio minister Yasuo high.
Green Supply: Increasing additional physical damage and armor piercing capabilities for Yasuo.
c. Shoes for Yasuo:
 Fury shoes is the best choice for the amount Yasuo attack speed plus will help the situation Steel Storm (Q)is used repeatedly over.
Also you can choose shoes or shoes Ninja Mercury depending on the game situation. Here are two kinds of shoes if Yasuo situation facing the opponent has more state control or with a team with high physical damage because ultimately, Yasuo also quite fragile.
d. Complete kit for Yasuo:
As always for a complete kit is suitable depends on many factors, your opponent is? How enemy team squad? changes in the situation of the game like? etc ... In this article GuideGame Guide will provide some of the basic equipment common situations so that you can apply and develop their own discretion.
no-TBLMHT reins Directed by statikk-TBLMHT  vo-TBLMHT Protection Department green supply-TBLMHT thien than-TBLMHT giap
Universal kit to increase the damage and resistance to Yasuo
no-TBLMHT reins Directed by statikk-TBLMHT  vo-TBLMHT Protection Department green supply-TBLMHT raduin-driven TBLMHT
Rigging when confronted with the squad in favor of magical powers.
no-TBLMHT reins Directed by statikk-TBLMHT  vo-TBLMHT Protection Department green supply-TBLMHT 
Kit if you need the ability to solve the unpleasant effects from itself.


1. teammates and enemies Yasuo:

Yasuo teammates:
With the last attack of farewell (R) is extremely good coordination with the effects chanting, Yasuo proved quite effective when coordinated with the team have the skills to help Yasuo chanting Ulti easier to use. Here are the best team of Yasuo: Gnar, Lee Sin, Thresh, Draven , Malphite, Wukong ...
Enemies of Yasuo:
Due to the nature of a general Yasuo cumulative damage to Kayle will be a hard fight down the road in the middle of Yasuo, in addition to the general melee or are "complementary hash" is also ominous enemy of Yasuo as Fizz , Jax, Leona, Rammus, Taric, Zilean ...
Kayle-LMHT-120-120 fizz-LMHT-120-120 Jax-LMHT-120-120 leona-LMHT-120-120  

2. How to play Yasuo how to efficiently?

Following are some tips to help you be able to hold the power of the wind swordsman:
+ Yasuo "very strong" at level 1-2:
"Very strong" here is understood as the phase level 1, you try to use as many Hurricane steel (Q) as possible, as fast cyclone area to level up early. After achieving level 2, quick glance from 1 to 2 soldiers before the enemy and hit the surf in general Tornado (E). With the internal borders from, you absolutely will exchange advantage over tactics Prime.
+ Combo of Yasuo:
There are 2 types of Yasuo common combo is:
- Combo blood profiles: Scan Search (E) to the troops - Steel Storm (Q) to the Minister to host blood -Search and Scan (E) in order to withdraw the troops.
E ki follicle scan yasuoQ ki steel capsules yasuoE ki follicle scan yasuo
- Combo finish off opponents: Steel Storm (Q) in men - Scan Search (E) to the troops - Search continuesScan (E) and Hurricane Steel (Q) in general - then Hurricane Steel (Q) and Ulti Pythons Heaven (R).
Q ki steel capsules yasuoE ki follicle scan yasuoE ki follicle scan yasuoQ ki steel capsules yasuoQ ki steel capsules yasuoR ulti skill stared yasuo
+ How to play in fighting Yasuo:
Yasuo need enough rhythm to create a shield area before working on, if you have enough points Steel Storm (Q)to make it possible tornado. Waiting for the opening of the team flew effect before then embarked on major generals of the enemy. Use the search time by surfing skills Scan Search (E) to avoid damage and shield back.
+ Some notes on Wall skills Wind (W) of Yasuo:
  • - Skill wind wall (W) block the bullets fly, the attack unit type (ie create an "object" to enemy aircraft) horizontally.
  • - Skill wind wall (W) does not block the export promotion skills from the ground (as Pillar of Fire Brand ), heaven(Like hell of Ziggs Super bomb) and skills as well as blow-style Lazer ( As is often the Vel'koz attack or ultimate Rainbow Lux ...)
  • - The skill casts a long way on the ground, it will stop at the foot of Wall wind exposure (W).
  • - In the Wind Wall Painting (W) should be placed facing the enemy gunner to minimize resource damage them or put before the ballistic skill dangerous enemy launched.
Above is a detailed guide to help you with the overview and use Yasuo road between so effectively. We hope to receive feedback from people. Leave vote if you find the article useful offline!
Previously had a Yasuo Guide on playing on the road (Solo Top) but after some time considering the location on the road does not really promote all of Yasuo effect. So you can refer and apply to the battle of entertainment, even if the hit rate is recommend using Yasuo in the midline position in this article to maximize efficiency offline.


You can also refer to Yasuo's a counter in here .
Video overview Yasuo play in Assassins physical location between the lines:
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