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[Guide Zed Mid - Season 5] Play Guide - How to build Zed location map Assassins Physics Street in the middle of season 5


If there is a general longing player always makes a real master, which is Zed. Madness play extremely powerful, cool little spot right toroidal nature of an assassin, Zed is the standard of proficiency skills that anyone who would like to reach. So how can grasp - even if only partial power of Zed? Game Guide will help you to it!

Zed - the dark lord


speaking ear zed - despise the weakOften the weak hinh K (Intrinsic):
Zed regular attacks on targets below 50% health will cause more (6/8 / 10% maximum blood of the victim) magic damage. This effect can not occur on the same 1 goal every 10 seconds.
Q zed skills - dart sac lemText sharp hi P (Q):
Consumption: 75/70/65/60/55 Interior features 
Range: 900 
Cooldown: 6 seconds
- Zed darts forward, causing 75/115/155/195/235 (+ 100% plus AD) physical damage to the first enemy it touches, and 60% more damage on the enemy side after the victim.
Clone Darkness: Shadow of Zed exist on the map will dart in the selected location, darts shot from the ball to the first target will cause 50% damage and internal energy back to him us.
W zed skills - phan dark godP pleased Than Darkness (W):
Consumption: 40/35/30/25/20 Interior features 
Range: 550 
Cooldown: 18/17/16/15/14 seconds
Intrinsic: Physical Damage of Zed plus additional 5/10/15/20/25%.
Activate: Zed's Surfing Tennis forward and stood in that position for 4 seconds, re-activateClone Zed Darkness will switch places with this shadow.
Clone Darkness: Shadow of Zed simulate the actions of him, if one target was hit 2 times by the one skill simulations, Zed is back 20/25/30/35/40 internal energy recovery and only 1 time per 1 skill simulation.
E zed skills - Nursing darknessA ường Search Darkness (E):
Consumption: 50 Interior features 
Range: 290 
Cooldown: 4 seconds
- Zed revolves around his blade, create one stream of dark energy, causing60/90/120/150/180 (+ 80% plus AD) physical damage to all nearby enemies. Each enemy hero was hit by this skill reduces the cooldown of Clone Darkness 2 seconds to go.
Clone Darkness: Shadow of Zed also revolves around his blade causes the same damage to nearby enemies and slowing the victim went 20/25/30/35/40% for 1.5 seconds. The enemy attacked unconsolidated both Zed and his Shadow will be slowed to 30 / 37.5 / 45 / 52.5 / 60% and back to Zed internal energy, but will not receive damage.
R zed skills - an dau tu coalD larvae Indian Death (R):
Attrition: No internal energy costs 
Range: 625 
Cooldown: 120/100/80 seconds
- Zed becomes uncertain in 0.75 seconds and surf behind enemy heroes to be selected, and engraved imprint Death to the victim, and have the ability to move through objects. Zed created 1 N 6 seconds the ball at the point where he activated this skill, re-activate the Mark Press Zed Death will switch places with the ball.
- After 3 seconds, cooking oil will explode, causing (100% AD + 20/35/50% of the damage inflicted on the enemy under General Mark Press) physical damage.


1. Jade Additional Support for Zed:

ngoc wine magical powers(9)Jade gold armor for the most common form.
(5)Balance between thyroid and blood to help Zed play a more active at the beginning of the game.
Emerald magic resistance(9)Minimize damage must receive permission from the shaman.
(9)Good choice when confronted with physical assassin.
ngoc by - Damage(1)Adding physical damage to Zed.
(1)Increased likelihood of damage, especially to the opponents have thick armor.
Amethyst movement speed(3)Increasing additional physical damage to Zed.

Table 2. Additional Support for Zed:

21-9 - 0: Table additional damage and increases resistance to tuberculosis in combo Zed.
zed ash bo bang lol

3. How to increase the skills to Zed:

African Standard sharp (Q) is the ability to travel and to cause major damage Zed should be learned first maximum. This was followed by Tang Sword of Darkness (E) Zed help increase the potential damage and slow.Clone Darkness (W) take 1 level 6 points before and after the maximum lift. Ultimate imprint Death (R) take the right level.
increasing skills zed lol

4. Authorization for Additional Assistance Zed:

incineration ash disallowed bo lol dau-curve flash 
Incineration + Variable Speed: The plugins allow incremental increase the likelihood of damage to Zed.

5. How to Dress Zed:

a. Initial equipment for Zed:
kiem long-TBLMHT quickly hoac kiem Doran-TBLMHT quickly dau-curve mat vat to TBLMHT 
Search or Search Long Binh Doran + Blood + The Eyes Materials: Entrance start buying equipment common to Zed, Long Sword gives you much better blood sugar to survive in the Search Doran give you a "dry blood" more efficient .
b. Equip town attached to Zed:
Here are equipped with Zed need to increase the likelihood of cumulative damage:
Guom vo-TBLMHT list 
Sword of King Anonymous: Equipping very important for Zed. The ability to suck blood, damage and attack speed helps push Zed Head and better cumulative damage. Also equipped with the ability to activate the combo and access help Zed police cornered opponent.
green supply-TBLMHT 
Green Supply: The ability to cross borders to help Zed put extreme damage "in need".
Unearned youmuu-TBLMHT hoac Riu den-TBLMHT 
Search Ma Yomuu or Black Axe: Previously, the Black Axe Zed often chosen because cooldown reduction, better armor and a little blood to Zed confident working on. But Ma Yomuu Search current is trusted more by mobility that it offers help Zed maneuver better in many situations.
c. Shoes for Zed:
Shine co-dong TBLMHT 
Footwear Mobility: Movement speed is necessary for Zed fast in pushing retail or better targeted press.
d. Complete kit for Zed:
Here are some inclination to fully equipped to Zed:
Shine co-dong TBLMHT Sword King anonymous green supply-TBLMHT Unearned youmuu-TBLMHT Chuy thorns Malmortius-TBLMHT thien than-TBLMHT giap 
Universal kit for Zed.
Shine co-dong TBLMHT Sword King anonymous green supply-TBLMHT Unearned youmuu-TBLMHT Riu bring far-TBLMHT thien than-TBLMHT giap 
If the other party does not have much power can weigh magic ax python.
Shine co-dong TBLMHT Guom vo-TBLMHT list green supply-TBLMHT Unearned youmuu-TBLMHT knife mercury-TBLMHT huyet kiem - TBLMHT 
If confidence can get the procedure.
Shine co-dong TBLMHT Sword King anonymous green supply-TBLMHT Unearned youmuu-TBLMHT Chuy thorns Malmortius-TBLMHT Low-cycle chain TBLMHT 
Feel opponent more powerful control skills may consider this upward.


1. teammates and enemies of Zed:

a. Zed teammates:
Zed is a general single-target damage cornered well, disturb the enemy team as well as retail pretty good push up the general support came Zed is good teammate of him as Lulu, Janna, Thresh , Morgana, Gragas , Kayle ...
Lulu Janna-LMHT-120-120 Thresh-LMHT-120-120 Morgana-LMHT-120-120 Gragas-LMHT-120-120 Kayle-LMHT-120-120
b. Enemies of Zed:
The ability to put good damage to Zed hated opponents of cumulative damage, in addition Clock Cat and exhaustion are two things that players Zed bitter: Kayle, Zilean, Fizz , Ahri , Malzahar, Lissandra ...
Kayle-LMHT-120-120 Zilean-LMHT-120-120 fizz-LMHT-120-120 Gen-Ahri-LMHT-120-120 Malzahar-LMHT-120-120 lissandra-LMHT-120-120

2. How to play Zed how to effectively:

a. How to play the first match Zed stages:
- The first phase matches will have little difficulty with Zed for the general melee, but the strength of Zed is no energy skills and the combo kaleidoscope.
- Use sharp darts (Q) as a tool to structure and blood on the edge of soldiers eat in a difficult position.
- Zed farm in office very good thanks to its intrinsic, but beware the enemy being disruptive.
- The blood on the edge of Zed combo when Clone Darkness (W) include: Clone Darkness (W) and then immediately use sharp darts (Q) and Tang Sword of Darkness (E) when the shadows flying. This way, Zedcombo is fast and difficult opponent dodge chance. (Remember to predict the movement opposing the darts to the standard offline!).
zed combo lol
- Combo ZED:
Step 1: Put the ball closer to the goal.
Step 2: Use a sharp right African Standard (Q) and Tang Sword of Darkness (E) ki fly ball to medium.
Step 3: Make Dark Road (E) again or change the ball to work up a fight if necessary.
- Often times you will have to use Line 2 Sword of Darkness (E) as a ball, remember this so blood can configure again or can even take advantage of an opponent that inadvertently changed the ball and then break to fight always.
- Note that Clone Darkness (W) is the unique skills of Zed escape on the way, so be careful not to because of blood on the edge of the forest died gank.
Do not use the skills a waste because Zed lead to the loss of internal energy to use escape skills.
- Zed can use Clone Darkness (W) to farm yard ma very well by the body on beach ma distribution, similar combo on the ball and then change to solve either.
b. How to play Zed period between matches:
- Complete Quick Sticks Hung Dao Pirate Evil and, if possible, to complete 1 of 2 from 2 pieces of this item.
- The combo of Zed has quite a few variations and I will talk a most fundamental way through the figure below:
zed ulti combo lol
Step 1: Use the imprint of Death (R) to access and use immediately Dark Sword Road (E), and may include an attack often if possible, if accompanied Axe Snake then activate it.
Step 2: Use the Clone Darkness (W) to give a further shadow on the front of the goal line retreat, then usesharp darts (Q), the enemy tried to hit all 3 darts you offline. During this time can use the Sword of Kings Anonymous sharp help African Standard (Q) easily won over.
Step 3: Change the ball with Clone Darkness (W) to catch the opponent's Running and Road Use Sword of Darkness (E) again if often accompanied reviews. After feeling enough damage to the enemy explosion kills you unplug the shadow of Death Mark Press (R) by activating the (R) again.
- A note on implementation of Zed combo:
+ In step 2, because when it is pressed Zed opponents so they can be countered to block Zed combo (like Lux tied, Fizz fish right there etc ...) This time you turn the ball straight up Clone Darkness (W) moves forward to dodge it and then always use sharp darts (Q). This approach helps to minimize the possibility Zed blocked while using combo.
+ There will be many cases where you are not good enough to use cooking oil Death (R). Using the Clone Darkness (W) or Ma Youmuu Search to narrow the gap is essential, but you will miss some damage or the ability to withdraw should be careful.
+ When confronting opponents Cat Clock, exhaustion or skills relative discomfort as Deathless Body protectors of Kayle, Dancing / Tung Tang's Fizz ... let's put the whole power drill combo but wait until when the effect wears off before it moves discharge. Of course this makes Zed less damage but obviously better than all of you put the damage when they are in the same state.
Combo + is pretty good when Zed want to escape the stressful situation, using cooking oil Death (R) on the opponent and then use Clone Darkness (W) and turn toward it, pulling the chase and come back with the ballimprint Death (R). You have the ability to escape well and can cause damage to the opponent.
+ Be alternating injured during the attack combos to cause more damage than.
+ Be careful when opponents have the permission to heal, purify or Mikael, towels algorithm to prevent damage to your put.
c. How to play Zed final stage matches:
- Zed has a very important role in the final stages of the game.
+ Zed suitable for retail role in pushing the team 4-1. So obviously put Zed single target damage is very good, it is often separated Zed push one way, the enemy will have to take at least 2 the accompanying person, and so the remaining 4 people can squeeze fighting or taking the important targets because this is a fight 4 vs 3. If we only put one person on the Zed comes complete with the ability to who touches it immediately.
+ During the fighting, the todo Zed is rapidly destroying a key objective to lead to a fight 4 vs 5. However, this has some note: Do not put damage on target Clock Cat, not necessarily on key objectives that can target any one as long as you think can finish them off and put on a fight over the world. It is possible to change the network but consider changing your network so beneficial or not?
The following is an overview video guide Zed playing in position Assassins Physics midline
- Xavier - Titus -
These are quite detailed guidance and tools to help you build one new gameplay and more effectively in the position Zed Killer Physics midline. With many ways to map such inclinations, would inevitably feedback. look forward to receiving feedback from you to work together to build a better system Guide. Thank you for your interest in the article!
GuideGame needed the valuable feedback from you, however, to build a healthy GuideGame Game Culture will also ban the nick harshly to leave a comment cursing, lack of culture.


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