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How to Play - How to build Volibear location map Go Forest in season 5


A name quite hot in the segment ranking players midrange or less, often much Volibear you choose in the squad as a minister with resistant and moderately damage


HP: 526 (+ 86 per grant)
Blood recovery rate: 7.65 / 5s (+ 0.65 each level)
Calories: 250 (+ 30 per grant)
Energy recovery rate: 7.65 / 5s (+ 0.65 each level)
Physical damage: 57.3 (+ 3.3 per level)
Speed ​​rated: 0658 (+ 2.67% per level)
Armor: 24.0 (+ 3.5 per level)
Magic resistance: 31.3 (+ 1.25 per level)
Cruising Speed: 345
Games Review: 125


volibear-ntSon Of A Hurricane ứa (Intrinsic):
Cooldown: 120 seconds
When the blood flow of Volibear dropped below 30%, he will continuously recover 30% of maximum health for 6 seconds.
volibear-qT ribbons Size (Q):
Consumption: 40 Energy
Scope: Themselves
Cooldown: 12/11/10/9/8 seconds
Volibear get extra 15% movement speed for 4 seconds, plus this amount will be increased to30/65/40/45/50% when facing the enemy heroes exist, simultaneously, often next attack in distance This time of Volibear will cause more physical damage 30/60/90/120/150 and tossed enemies behind him.
volibear-wGuava Crazy N (W):
Consumption: 35 Energy
Scope: 400
Cooldown: 18 seconds
Intrinsic: After each attack often, Volibear receive additional 8/11/14/17/20% attack speed, plus the cumulative amount to 3 times and lasted 4 seconds.
Activation: When there's enough cumulative points Featured 3 Crazy, Volibear can activate this ability to bite into selected enemy, causing 80/125/170/215/260 (+ 15% plus of Volibear blood ) physical damage, this damage will increase by 1% per 1% of the target blood loss, maximum up to 160/250/340/430/520 (+ 30% plus of Volibear blood) police physical damage.
volibear-eS warm Gam (E):
Consumables: 60/65/70/75/80 Energy
Scope: 425
Cooldown: 11 seconds
Volibear create resounding roar, causing 60/105/150/195/240 (+ 60% magic power) magic damage and slowing nearby enemies go 30/35/40/45/50% in 3 sec. Soldiers, monsters and companion of influential enemies will be frightened during this period.
volibear-rV wet Thunder (R):
Consumption: 100 Energy
Scope: Themselves
Cooldown: 100/90/80 seconds
In 12 seconds to steel, usually of Volibear attack would blow an enemy with lightning, spread to up to 3 enemies near the target in 300 distance. Each lightning caused 75/115/155 (+ 30% magic power) magic damage and will only act on each enemy one time in each attack often.


1. Jade Forest walks Ancillary Volibear:

ngoc wine magical powers(4)Balancing blood and armor for Volibear, especially blood helps more tolerant bears.
Emerald magic resistance(9)Increasing the amount of post-match magic resistance for Volibear.
ngoc by - Damage(1)Because the two types Volibear cause damage should fine pearl double cross is the appropriate choice.
Amethyst movement speed(3)Increased rigidity when the work on the enemy gunner.
(3)Faster, easier to catch people.

2. An Additional Table for Forest walks Volibear: 

10-17 - 3: Table complementary rather interesting that you can use for Volibear in jungle location.

3. How to increase the skills of forest Skip Volibear:

Floating Crazy (W) is the primary skill of Volibear damage should be maximized first, followed by Thunder Gam (E)in order to increase their ability to control large scale farm and forest monsters of this bear . Pursuing the (Q) just took a point at level 2 to increase maneuverability and maximum lifting last. Ultimate Thunder Claw (R) take proper level.

4. An Additional Authorization for Forest walks Volibear:

 dau-curve Punishment + Variable Speed: The plugins allow common type of forest minister.

5. How to map the forest Skip Volibear:

a. Initial equipment for Volibear:
  dau-curve Machete Hunter + Blood + Eye Supplies Rating Organization: Beginning of the generals familiar jungle Volibear general and particular.
b. Equipping schools for Volibear town:
Here are the required equipment for Volibear in jungle location:
 arrow  hoac Weapons Forest - Si Phu Dung Authority or Butcher: Equip help Volibear fast moving enemies to lead to superior experience and gold than the enemy jungle. Witchcraft Dung Si also bears more than cattle, but if you like a good hand Volibear damage after the game, they may consider witchcraft Butcher.

Spiritual Armor: Equipping not only improve the defense for Volibear which makes this bear extreme physical healing by combining with the inner self. Volibear will regain almost all blood tree!

Blood thyroid Warmog: Not merely increasing blood, equipped also improve blood flow from the figure in 30% of maximum health inner Volibear tremendously. Making bears become a machine "tough as leeches" in the fighting.
c. Shoes for Volibear:
Footwear Mobility: Increasing the mobility Volibear when gank, especially when activating Pursuing (Q) are non polar bears will quickly make them targets not able to respond.
d. Complete set of equipment for the forest Volibear:
Here is the complete guide to equipment for Volibear:
Rigging greatly increased ability Volibear Luftwaffe.
Increased ability to arrest and reduce the enemy's attack speed.
Suitable for your favorite supplements play in attack effects for Volibear.
Pretty fun to try it 😀


1. teammates and enemies Volibear:

a. Volibear teammates:
Volibear is a general fond of toughness and resistance to damage sustained in the fighting should be appropriate when the contract comes with potentially similar hill, typically as: Skarner, Azir , Kayle, Lulu, Fiddlesticks, Anivia ...
b. Volibear enemies:
Maneuverability from Pursuing (Q) of Volibear really high up the general good capable Kite entirely possible allelopathic is he, some typical examples include: Ziggs, Jarvan IV, Karma, Tristana, Fizz , Lee Sin ...

2. How to play Volibear how to effectively:

a. How to play the first match Volibear stage:
- Round of Volibear forest will start at Toad (Punishment) -> Charm Blue -> Beach Wolf -> Charm Red (Punishment) -> Eat crab home gank or buy equipment.
- Mark often 3 found in hell to get the ability to activate the power connector (W) in order to damage the monster to least basic skills in using Volibear jungle stage. It also performs the same when ganking or in fighting.
- When going to gank, Pursuing (Q) is the skills to help you reach the opponent, then use Thunder Gam (E) to slow them and hit often and ultimately use electrical connection (W).
- Still can gank fine, but the main task of the jungle Volibear because bears can move fast monster, which lead to the experience and equipment.
b. Volibear playing middle stage matches:
- Complete equipped jungle, shoes and partially equipped seconded town.
- Be prepared internal fighting when preparing the large, eat dragon premise to you easier.
- Activate the Thunder Claw (R) when attacking enemy small though major fighting skills for this relatively quick recovery time.
c. How to play the final phase matches Volibear:
- Do not have too many serious questions in the final stages of the battle where you will Volibear role cum opening support beam Pursuing the fight with (Q) into the key minister, forcing them out of combat range and use Swipeuse Thunder (R) to stir the enemy squad.


- Volibear only relative accessibility from Pursuing (Q) so simple that you simply toss the skills to control or simply outrun this bear was able to escape.
- Should fighting spacing in order to limit the damage spreads from Thunder Claw (R).
Incineration, Devils Morello Letters are essential to prevent the intrinsic healing from Volibear.
The following is an overview video guide Volibear play in Forest walks position:
- Fate -
These are quite detailed instructions and specifically to help you build one new gameplay and more effective for position Volibear in Forest walks. With many ways to map such inclinations, would inevitably feedback. look forward to receiving feedback from you to work together to build a better system Guide. Thank you for your interest in the article!
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