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[Solo Top Pantheon Guide - Season 5] How to Play - How to build Pantheon map Solo Top locations in season 5


Speaking of the Pantheon often in any position, you would have more controversial by the ranking system of Vietnam Pantheon seems to be able to go a lot of places, including support ...  But in the professional game, people often rely Pantheon in jungle location than by the ability to gank as well as strong presence in every corner of the map. Because Game Guide has a jungle Pantheon so now we will examine the strength of the Pantheon has been promoted from the position on the road or offline!

Pantheon - Master of War


Che Chan Speaking ear pantheon lmhtC he is guaranteed (Intrinsic):
After hitting or spells 4 times, Patheon will help get hit next ordinary or shot from office
Lao Feng Q pantheon skills lmhtLao black P (Q):
Consumption: 45 Energy
Distance: 600
Patheon out 1 darts at the enemy causing 65/105/145/185/225 (+ 140% AD) physical damage. If Offensive Vu Storm is enabled, javelin will cause an additional 50% physical damage to targets below 15% health.
W Khien Zeonia skills pantheon lmhtEonia Guardian Z (W):
Consumption: 55 Energy
Distance: 600
Pantheon jump into one unit of soldiers, enemy heroes or monsters causing forest50/75/100/125/150 (+ 100% magical powers) and stuns for 1 second victim. At the same time, internal Shielding automatically be activated shortly thereafter.
E Buy Lao skills pantheon lmhtMr. Vu Storm Size C (E):
Consumption: 45/50/55/60/65 Energy
Distance: 600
Intrinsic: The attacks often and skills of African Workers Pantheon will definitely 100%fatal to the target below 15% health.
Activate: Pantheon concentration constant attacks on targets 3 times before he causes26/46/66/86/106 (+ 120% AD) physical damage per attack round, the total damage to to80/140/200/260/320 (+ 360% AD) physical damage. Damage to the Minister doubled.
pantheon-rT leave Sap (R):
Consumption: 125 Energy
Distance: 5500
Pantheon centralized power, if not interrupted within 2 seconds, he will fly up in the air, and can not be located. Pathenon then grounded at one fixed position, causing 400/700/1000 (+ 100% magic power) magic damage and 50% for the enemy, but the edge (200/350/500 (+ 50% magic power) magic damage) while slowing enemies in the affected area go 35% for 1 second.


1. Jade Additional Support for Solo Top Pantheon:

ngoc wine magical powers(9)Jade gold armor for the most popular minister
(5)Balance between thyroid and blood help Pantheon aggressive than in the first match.
Emerald magic resistance(6)Appeals allowed with a little help Pantheon Energy Recovery comfortable than cast casuarinas.
ngoc by - Damage(1)Increasing additional physical damage to the Pantheon
Amethyst movement speed(3)Adding physical damage to the Pantheon.

Table 2. Additional Support for Solo Top Pantheon:

21-9 - 0: Table supporting increased capability to attack the Pantheon.

3. How to increase skills for Pantheon Solo Top:

Zoom Lao (Q) is the skill of Pantheon damage should first be maximized, while Shields Zeonia (W) simply stunning and get 1 point last maximized. Rain Lao (E) increase Zoom up to 2nd after Labor (Q) to optimize damage. UltimateGod Sap (R) take the correct level.

4. Authorization for Additional Assistance Pantheon Solo Top:

 hoac  dau-curve Incineration or Shift + Variable Speed: Depending on the gameplay itself that allows you to choose the appropriate complementary. Choose burned with aggressive attacking play or Shift if you want to be in the hot spot in time without dependence on Ultimate.

5. How to Dress Pantheon Solo Top:

a. Initial equipment for Pantheon:
 hoac   dau-curve Crystal Vase or Make Long Binh Blood + + The Eyes Materials: Crystal Vase help you Harassment / Anti-Harassment well on the way, while simpler Long Sword - help you to increase the damage source.
b. Equip town attached to the Pantheon:
Here are equipped need for Pantheon in position Solo Top:
Hatchets Black: With the ability cooldown, armor and a little blood, Pantheon will cause a lot of damage due to this equipment. Remember that rain Lao (E) stack very well with the ability to reduce the armor of black ax. Be equipped and feel!
Green Supply: cheaper, more physical damage of important stability and the ability to cross borders will help Pantheon great increase very much power to go gank or fighting.

Randuin Ice Shield: Increases resistance to blood and borders, in addition to helping keep the enemy Pantheon better when it was going to jump into the (R).
c. Shoes for Pantheon:
 hoac Thuy Ngan shoes or shoes Ninja: Depending on the ball and play your user to be able to choose the appropriate shoes.
d. Complete kit for Solo Top Pantheon:
Following is a complete kit for Pantheon:
Shine co-dong TBLMHT soul dinosaur skin-TBLMHT Riu den-TBLMHT raduin-driven TBLMHT Low-cycle chain TBLMHT Chuy thorns Malmortius-TBLMHT 
Universal kit for Pantheon - just good damage, both relatively resistant.
Shine co-dong TBLMHT soul dinosaur skin-TBLMHT Riu den-TBLMHT  giap quickly warmog-TBLMHT Riu bring far-TBLMHT 
Ensure that you have enough blood to survive in combat, accompanied by the ability to push a good way.
Shine co-dong TBLMHT soul dinosaur skin-TBLMHT Riu den-TBLMHT  Chuy thorns Malmortius-TBLMHT Low-cycle chain TBLMHT 
Anti-shock magic damage.
Shine co-dong TBLMHT soul dinosaur skin-TBLMHT Riu den-TBLMHT  thien than-TBLMHT giap giap lua 
When confronted with a natural formation of physical damage - select this
Shine co-dong TBLMHT soul dinosaur skin-TBLMHT Riu den-TBLMHT Low-cycle chain TBLMHT giap spiritual-TBLMHT Lines Solari-TBLMHT 
Here is fitted against the team magic damage.


1. teammates and enemies of the Pantheon:

a. Pantheon teammates:
With the ability to pressure the ball, and the possibility of early opening Sap combat effectiveness with God, Pantheon fighting style suitable for rapid, overwhelming squad based combat and caused widespread damage as follows: Lee Sin, Orianna , Ziggs, Twitch, Morgana, Varus ...
  ziggs-LMHT-120-120 Twitch Morgana-LMHT-120-120 Varus-LMHT-120-120
b. Enemies of the Pantheon:
Pressed play Pantheon was afraid of the opponents play harass, kite as the generals follows: Lucian, Azir , Elise , Leblanc, Kayle , Syndra ...
lucian  Elise-LMHT LeBlanc-LMHT-120-120 Kayle-LMHT-120-120 

2. How to play Pantheon Solo Top how to effectively:

a. How to play Pantheon early stage match:
- Where to play Pantheon good first you need to know to "Tip 3 shields" (ie create a shield from the inner 3 in a short time). Here is how you can be more damage against minister or head, through which the exchange phase moves profitable or efficient ice pillars:
+ Step 1: Create a shield available in person accompanied by 2-3 points accumulated intrinsic (that displays the status bar of the Minister).
+ Step 2: Workers at the opponent, this time it will really hit you and take away the shield was built ready, when you use this skill to create Zeonia Guardian immediately a new shield.
+ Step 3: Mark the attack anyone or any skills to create a shield 3rd, so you will have 3 the shield in a very short time.
- Actively use the javelin (Q) to put pressure on the enemy from the first level, which enables more rapid integration intrinsic point.
- After the blood bill by javelin (Q) to the right time to attack, then the combo will be Zeonia Guardian (W) included javelin (Q) on routes - Offensive Vu Storm (E) - Zoom Lao (Q) ...
- You can increase the pressure by continuously making the opponent to go home and buy more for the same length (up to inspire evil) to the terminal overrides the enemy.
b. How to play Pantheon period between matches:
- Complete Sticks brutality, if confronted with the minister should have allowed the Saw Tooth Sword.
- With God Sap (R), you should call the team hit the road on their initiative and ensure that there will be a war over the next time you fly.
God Sap (R) have a waiting period before landing, so please watch standard landing position because this is very important.
- When the sun is in a state of collapse, but the enemy is in range circle landed, you can immediately click the W on them. Thus, when landed Pantheon will immediately stuns opponents without a timeout.
c. How to play Pantheon final stage matches:
- You will be the sun behind and use Sap (R) to open the fighting from a distance, so try to hit as many people as possible. Often you will after a blow to the team's training to a higher hit rate.
Here is a video overview of how to play the Pantheon in position Solo Top
- Fate -
These are quite detailed guidance and tools to help you build a new gameplay and more effective for Solo Top Pantheon in place. With many ways to map such inclinations, would inevitably feedback from you. We hope to receive feedback from the people to work together to build a better guide. Thank you for your interest in the article!
GuideGame needed the valuable feedback from you, however, to build a healthy GuideGame Game Culture will also ban the nick harshly to leave a comment cursing, lack of culture.


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