Saturday, August 20, 2016

Top new tweak ios 9

Let's review some typical tweaks launched last week who:
Top new tweak ios 9
Top new tweak ios 9

1.AndroLock: Bring on iOS Lockscreen ($ 1.49 / Free on cydiavn source).
2.AppBox 9: Powerful Addon lockscreen (1.5 $ / Free on cydiavn source.  ).
3.Appendix: Allows the user to open the app Touch 3D content from the folder (Free).
4.CCClockOpenToAlarm 8+: Open the item straight into alarm instead timer item in the Control Center (Free).
5.ColorPredictive: Change the color of the keyboard prediction (free).
6.ColorSwitches: Change the color of the button switches :) (Free).
7.EarphoneStatusBar: The time when the headphone icon (free).
8.Ethos: Always warm background bar (free).
9.Nightmode 9: Night mode for night mode ($ 0.99 / Free on cydiavn source).
10.NotificationCards: Show notified as cards ($ 2.99 / Free on cydiavn source).
11.Ophelia: Eliminate app icon in the notification bar (free).
12.PwnTunes for iOS 9: Importing music directly to the iPhone without a itune ($ 9.99 / Free on cydiavn source). 
13.ReDock: Access your favorite app in a new way (Free).
14.SafariFix: Fixed some problems in Safari (Free).
15.Safe Alarm 2 Lite: Customize for Alarm (free).
16. Search Widget 2015: Search Google Now from springboard (1.5 $ / Free on cydiavn source)
17.SpeakerStatusBar: Show status when the sound is off (free)
18.Tatton: Make your device run faster by removing some effects (free)
19.Spotit: Bring the hottest topics on the Spotlight (free).
20.Xaris: Forever tabs in Safari (free).
Above are 20 new tweaks and most prominent last week. To get the best support you can like and contact Fanpage offline!


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