Wednesday, September 7, 2016


Today NAMAPK.COM will guide you to connect iPhone iPad display screen on Windows is easy.Reflector software will do this for you. Reflector is a software phone screen projector to a computer quick and simple. Software available on two platforms and Windows and Mac.

[Phone] Trick connect iPhone screen displayed on Window

You use 9 or more iOS do not see the article for offline install the new version is a useful tool designed with the purpose of connecting the phone to a computer, Reflector allows users to view the screen iPhone, iPad, iPod touch on the computer without using cables. What you need is a device in the list of supported devices Reflector , AirPlay and a wireless network connection device (Windows to use the wireless network with the device is connected). 

AirPlay is a network protocol developed by Apple that can display mobile display on TV. It also will be used Reflector technology.

[Phone] Trick connect iPhone screen displayed on Window
[Phone] Trick connect iPhone screen displayed on Window

A key feature of the software video phone screen Reflector 
- Show your phone screen in real time 
- Display Mode Full Screen, multiple devices simultaneously. 
- Record a video screen. 
- Requires two shared device network. (Window to use the wireless network with connected devices) 
- Play directly to YouTube. 
- Add a webcam video to audio files. 
First make sure that your computer and your iPhone using the same network LAN (WIFI). No need to plug the connection cable between the computer and your iPhone. 

Now you need to download software Reflector at the following link on the Window. Select the Win 32bit or 64bit Win to install. 

Reflector FULL KEY dowload 

link above has included the activation Key Seri Reflector free. 
You should download link above to activate Reflectormost complete offline! Spent software Avast Internet Security to check it completely clean and safe for your computer! 

You set up and implemented as video instructions of NAMAPK.COM WATCH VIDEO INSTALLATION HD Reflector

Good luck!


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